40 Days 40 Nights @ UF


Blissed-out Bubbelehs,

Come spend Shabbos with some of the fine folks from Shemspeed as they make their way down south for the 40 Days 40 Nights tour.  These guys are mamash on the cutting edge.  They are tearing down boundaries, rethinking and reenvisioning what Jewish music is and sounds like, and disseminating these new sounds among the people.  They’ll be putting on some sessions/workshops throughout the weekend, as well as a free show motzei Shabbos (saturday night) at Common Grounds.  Come out and B”H be inspired.

Friday 2.20
– Mamash the highest davening (chaotic ecstatic prayer) 7pm @ UF Hillel followed by a FREE Shabbos dinner 8pm
– Oneg Shabbos w/Y-Love.  Reb Love will tell his story, speak about how Judaism affects his  music, and G!D-willing spit some shomer shabbos hot fire.

Saturday 2.21
– Morning services 10am @ UF Hillel followed by yet another FREE Shabbos lunch
– Workshop @ Noon “If It’s Hebrew, Is It Jewish: A Look At Israeli Music”

FREE SHOW @ Common Grounds 9pm featuring Superfish, Y-Love, Dov Rosenblatt and Diwon


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