Shemspeed Shir Bliss

Chodesh Tov v’Chodesh Or!

The new episode is up and good to go.  It features an interview with Diwon, Y-Love and Dov from the Shemspeed 40 Days/40 Nights tour, as well as music from these artists and other Modular Moods/Shemspeed musicians.  It’s going to be airing this Wednesday night (2.25.09) @ 1am.  Tune in and support local radio.  And fo’ all y’all bitches out there, you can listen to it right here on this webpage.  Yes.  This very one.

Mishenichnas Adar Marbin B’Simcha!

Shir Bliss 02.25.2009

1.  Y-Love – Mehadrin Rhymin’

2.  Interview Segment 1

Background: Shir HaShirim – Benyamin Brody, Diwon and Dugans

3.  C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz – Ariel Sharon

4.  Y-Love – State of the Nation

5.  Interview Segment 2

Shir HaShirim

6.  Blue Fringe – Eicha

7.  Diwon Vs. Mosh Ben Ari – Jah is One (Diwon Remix)

8.  Interview Segment 3

9.  DJ Handler – YemenAf

10.  DJ Balagan – Frayer Lalla

11. Interview Segment 4

Shir HaShirim

Shir Bliss 02.25.09


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One response to “Shemspeed Shir Bliss

  1. joshfleet

    wow oh wow.
    i was slightly confused, sir, when you typed to me that you have a radio show. i suppose i forgot about that and continued to consume myself in my thoughts and the other things we were talking about, but this, sir, is a radio show.
    this isn’t a joke?
    wow, man. look what happens when i leave town. you people realize your full potential and start doing things.
    kol hakavod

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