Fellow Infinity Light Artists,

We’re Back!  We were on a bit of a hiatus for Purim and the wedding of a close friend in Israel.  Nevertheless, here at Shir Bliss we are committed to giving you the goods.  And give you the goods we shall.

The new Shir Bliss is up.  We devoted the entire hour to exploring new Jewish hip-hop.  So if you enjoy the convergence of hip-hop rhythms and Jewish themes in musical form, this is the show for you.  If you’re a hater, stop frontin’ and open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences, whoadie.

Monday (3.23) @ 10pm on 94.7fm WGOT in Gainesville, FL

  1. C-Ray Walz and Kosha Dillz – The Evolution of Fan
  2. Matisyahu – Jerusalem
  3. Matisyahu – Smash Lies
  4. Y-Love – New Disease
  5. Idan Raichel – Boee (Diwon remix)
  6. Shtar – Modeh
  7. Kosha Dillz – Smile
  8. Nosson Zand – Basix
  9. Socalled – Ghettoblaster Theme
  10. Eprhyme – Punklezmerap
  11. Emunah – Essa Einai
  12. Beastie Boys – Shadrach
  13. Hip Hop Hoodios – Raza Hoodia
  14. Socalled – Pesach Zeit

If you are curious what we did during the break, here are some examples



Shir Bliss 03.23.2009



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2 responses to “Shuva!

  1. Hey, thanks for spinning Hip Hop Hoodios. We’ve got a new album (“Carne Masada”) coming out on Jazzheads Records on May 12th. What email address can we send you our new single to?


    Hip Hop Hoodios

  2. joshfleet

    The file’s a bit whack, Micha. Not all the tracks are on there. Check it

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