Or Mamash!

The New Shir Bliss has descended (ascended?). This episode focuses on the ample contemplative music, both new and old, that Judaism is so fond of.  Ironically, I also play some Qawwali music.

This show officially begins the Pesach/Mystical Omer Counting preparations that we here at Shir Bliss look forward to all year.  Existence is beginning to look like a delicious pastry.

  1. The Klezmatics – Shnaps-Nign
  2. Raz Hartman – Niggun Shel HaRebbe
  3. Shlomo Carlebach – Eishes Chayil
  4. Yossele Rosenblatt – Tikanto Shabbos
  5. HaOrot – Shir Merooba (Four Fold Song)
  6. Bar Kohkba Sextet – Sother
  7. Hassidic New Wave – Heeb Bop
  8. Tim Sparks – Der Rebbe’s Hasid
  9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Allah Hu
  10. Shye Ben Tzur – Dancing
If you’re curious what happened this episode, Rav Kook was officially elected Rebbe of Shir Bliss.  He’s thrilled about the whole thing.  Just look how happy he is.
Rav Kook
Shir Bliss 03.30.2009


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4 responses to “Or Mamash!

  1. joshfleet

    Yasher koach,
    once again,
    from Jahrusalem.

    Way to start things off with a nign that pops into my head at least once a week and/or whenever I try to recall any other nign from the depths.

  2. Michael

    Where is that Shir Merooba/Four Fold Song from?….It’s awesome…very unusual and creative.

  3. Hi, I love your podcast. I have been listening to it on the bus. I also do a podcast called Israel Beat. Just dropping you a note to say thanks for bring us some cool Jewish music.

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