Netzach Sh’B’Chesed

The New Shir Bliss is up!  Rejoice for the sake of The Name!  Fuck Bread!

Monday (4.13) @10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

This is the long-awaited Pesach episode.  Much of the show focused on cleansing oneself of the chametz in our lives, and by “much of the show”, I mean every song has to do with Pesach.  Be sure to check out the Shlomo story.  That guy invented Gevalt.

  1. Steven Bernstein – Let My People Go
  2. Shlomo Carlebach – Favorite Seder Story
  3. Socalled – 10 Plagues
  4. Bluma Jarrick, Haim Ha Cohen, and Raphael Elnadav – Chad Gadya: a.Russian b.Judeo-Provençal c.Aramaic and Ladino d.Aramaic
  5. Socalled – Miriam Drum Song (Chad Gadya)
  6. Various (Yemenite) – Kiddush, In Haste Went We, Four Questions
  7. Various (Yemenite) – Ayymah Hemshi
  8. Socalled – 3rd Cup: Yahu
  9. Various (Ethiopian) – Prayer For Passover
  10. Frank London – Pesach Niggun
  11. Gary Lucas – Shekhinah

Hooray Netzach Sh’B’Chesed!

Obama SederShir Bliss 04.13.09


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