Tiferet Sh’B’Netzach

New Shir Bliss!  The Semester is over!  Gainesville’s Gevaltness will never be the same!

Monday (5.4)@10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

On this day the Father of SHIR BLISS was born.  Literally.

  1. Pharoah’s Daughter – Sapeca
  2. Cyro Baptista – Noites Cariocas
  3. Roberto J. Rozdriquez – Jerusalem Market
  4. Wolf Krakowski – Shabes, Shabes
  5. Raz Hartman – Shuva
  6. Aharit Hayamim – Aharit Hayamim
  7. Avraham Weingarten – Waltz of the Modzhith Hassidim
  8. Mogwai – My Father My King
  9. Frank London – Imanu Malkheteynu
  10. Jamie Saft – King of King of Kings

Shir Bliss 5.4.09



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5 responses to “Tiferet Sh’B’Netzach

  1. Paula Parsky

    Can you explain what is so “silly” about this Yiddish song you introduced so disrespectfully? Yiddish speakers were the majority of those who kept Jewish culture alive into the 19th and 20th centuries. A bisl derekh erets, please!

    • shushani

      Regarding the Wolf Krakowski song, I didn’t meant to imply that Yiddish music and culture is silly (although in my book silly is a good thing). Far from it. I am increasingly excited by the Yiddish revival taking place all around us, especially musically. It’s great to see us reclaiming our roots and tradition and not letting it die out, but bringing it into modernity.

      That said, I don’t speak Yiddish (on my to-do list). Thus, I hear him saying shabbos and yontif over and over again, which tickles me and moves me and makes me laugh. I’m sorry if you were offended and believe me when I say that was not our intent at all.

      • joshfleet

        In my humblest opinion, that song can be described by no other word than “silly.” Silly like a fox.

  2. Chana

    Setting this in blog-stone:
    You’ve a fan on HaMadregot. ahem.

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