Here’s To Hod!

New Shir Bliss! Two new Shir Blisses in two weeks.  This either means that we are actually on the ball or the semester is over (Hint: the semester is over).  Be sure to listen to Keshet Margolis  and (what I believe to be) her sisters singing.  If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Shir Bliss.  And there would be no Jewish music.  Seriously.  The same applies to Phish.

Monday (5.11.09) @10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

  1. Phish – Contact
  2. Keshet Margolis – Niggun/Ana B’Koach
  3. Ha-Hedva Band – Meron Dance Niggun
  4. Y-Love and Yuri Lane – Next Pesach in Jerusalem
  5. Dank Skullcap – Trance>Mizmor L’David
  6. Rashanim – Yosefa
  7. Balkan Beat Box – Ramallah Tel Aviv
  8. Balkan Beat Box – Habibi Min Zaman
  9. DeLeon – Rahelika Baila
  10. The Sway Machinery – Anim Zemiros
  11. Golem – Tuches and Nenes
  12. Michael Showalter – The Mountain

Shir Bliss 05.11.09



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5 responses to “Here’s To Hod!

  1. joshfleet

    I’m not even past the first 10 minutes of this episode, and yet I feel Keshet’s voice was enough.

    • I hear that. Phish and Keshet and I am already lifted. Though I have to say I was a little disappointed by the whole thing. I thought if I played some of her stuff, I would surely get a challah or six in the mail (if any potential artists are reading this, I am easily bribed. Food always works).

  2. Hi Shir Bliss. Love your podcast. I suggest you sign up to be a contributor to Spin Magazine’s new Spin Earth global music site. You can write about Jewish and Israeli music there. I am on there and I wnat to get all the other Jewish music journalists on there too.

  3. So I have it from an authority on High that Keshet’s song “Ana B’Koach” only features Keshet’s voice on the track, just layered over. Incidentally, it is layered 7 times, which has deep mystical implications relevant to both Ana B’Koach and your soul.

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