Magical Marvelous Malchut

New Shir Bliss! This week we get swept up in the grandeur and absurdity of Jewish mysticism, especially as it is brought down to us by Phish.  Turns out they are Kabbalists of the highest order, but is anyone really surprised to hear that?

We also finally get around to giving women their due.  If you are offended by Kol Isha (the prohibition against hearing a woman’s voice in song and prayer), suck it.

Monday (5.25.09) @ 10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

  1. Pharaoh’s Daughter – Enpesare
  2. Pharaoh’s Daughter – Ka Ribon
  3. Chana Laila – Lion of Judah
  4. Jenny Scheinman – Seating of the Bride
  5. Phish – Tela
  6. Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier – Malkhut
  7. Moshav – Pitchu Li
  8. Eprhyme – Shomer Salaam
  9. Ben Perowsky – Adon Olam
  10. Gary Lucas – Adon Olam (vocal)
  11. Rob Burger and Mauri Refosko – Assanhado
  12. Matisyahu – I Will Be Light

Shir Bliss 05.25.09


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Here’s To Hod!

New Shir Bliss! Two new Shir Blisses in two weeks.  This either means that we are actually on the ball or the semester is over (Hint: the semester is over).  Be sure to listen to Keshet Margolis  and (what I believe to be) her sisters singing.  If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Shir Bliss.  And there would be no Jewish music.  Seriously.  The same applies to Phish.

Monday (5.11.09) @10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

  1. Phish – Contact
  2. Keshet Margolis – Niggun/Ana B’Koach
  3. Ha-Hedva Band – Meron Dance Niggun
  4. Y-Love and Yuri Lane – Next Pesach in Jerusalem
  5. Dank Skullcap – Trance>Mizmor L’David
  6. Rashanim – Yosefa
  7. Balkan Beat Box – Ramallah Tel Aviv
  8. Balkan Beat Box – Habibi Min Zaman
  9. DeLeon – Rahelika Baila
  10. The Sway Machinery – Anim Zemiros
  11. Golem – Tuches and Nenes
  12. Michael Showalter – The Mountain

Shir Bliss 05.11.09


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Tiferet Sh’B’Netzach

New Shir Bliss!  The Semester is over!  Gainesville’s Gevaltness will never be the same!

Monday (5.4)@10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

On this day the Father of SHIR BLISS was born.  Literally.

  1. Pharoah’s Daughter – Sapeca
  2. Cyro Baptista – Noites Cariocas
  3. Roberto J. Rozdriquez – Jerusalem Market
  4. Wolf Krakowski – Shabes, Shabes
  5. Raz Hartman – Shuva
  6. Aharit Hayamim – Aharit Hayamim
  7. Avraham Weingarten – Waltz of the Modzhith Hassidim
  8. Mogwai – My Father My King
  9. Frank London – Imanu Malkheteynu
  10. Jamie Saft – King of King of Kings

Shir Bliss 5.4.09


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WGOT-LP Benefit. Sunday, May 3 @ 7pm

WGOT will be holding their next benefit on Sunday May 3 at Dirty Nelly’s, 208 W. University Ave.  The benefit will feature two of Gainesville’s finest local acts:  Friz (progressive psychedelic rock) and A Parcel of Rogues (traditional Irish, Gypsy, and Spanish music) along with other surprises.  Doors @ 7 PM, show @ 8 PM.  $5 donation at the door, includes free CD.  See you there.

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Netzach Sh’B’Chesed

The New Shir Bliss is up!  Rejoice for the sake of The Name!  Fuck Bread!

Monday (4.13) @10pm on 94.7 WGOT-FM in Gainesville, FL

This is the long-awaited Pesach episode.  Much of the show focused on cleansing oneself of the chametz in our lives, and by “much of the show”, I mean every song has to do with Pesach.  Be sure to check out the Shlomo story.  That guy invented Gevalt.

  1. Steven Bernstein – Let My People Go
  2. Shlomo Carlebach – Favorite Seder Story
  3. Socalled – 10 Plagues
  4. Bluma Jarrick, Haim Ha Cohen, and Raphael Elnadav – Chad Gadya: a.Russian b.Judeo-Provençal c.Aramaic and Ladino d.Aramaic
  5. Socalled – Miriam Drum Song (Chad Gadya)
  6. Various (Yemenite) – Kiddush, In Haste Went We, Four Questions
  7. Various (Yemenite) – Ayymah Hemshi
  8. Socalled – 3rd Cup: Yahu
  9. Various (Ethiopian) – Prayer For Passover
  10. Frank London – Pesach Niggun
  11. Gary Lucas – Shekhinah

Hooray Netzach Sh’B’Chesed!

Obama SederShir Bliss 04.13.09

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Or Mamash!

The New Shir Bliss has descended (ascended?). This episode focuses on the ample contemplative music, both new and old, that Judaism is so fond of.  Ironically, I also play some Qawwali music.

This show officially begins the Pesach/Mystical Omer Counting preparations that we here at Shir Bliss look forward to all year.  Existence is beginning to look like a delicious pastry.

  1. The Klezmatics – Shnaps-Nign
  2. Raz Hartman – Niggun Shel HaRebbe
  3. Shlomo Carlebach – Eishes Chayil
  4. Yossele Rosenblatt – Tikanto Shabbos
  5. HaOrot – Shir Merooba (Four Fold Song)
  6. Bar Kohkba Sextet – Sother
  7. Hassidic New Wave – Heeb Bop
  8. Tim Sparks – Der Rebbe’s Hasid
  9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Allah Hu
  10. Shye Ben Tzur – Dancing
If you’re curious what happened this episode, Rav Kook was officially elected Rebbe of Shir Bliss.  He’s thrilled about the whole thing.  Just look how happy he is.
Rav Kook
Shir Bliss 03.30.2009


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Fellow Infinity Light Artists,

We’re Back!  We were on a bit of a hiatus for Purim and the wedding of a close friend in Israel.  Nevertheless, here at Shir Bliss we are committed to giving you the goods.  And give you the goods we shall.

The new Shir Bliss is up.  We devoted the entire hour to exploring new Jewish hip-hop.  So if you enjoy the convergence of hip-hop rhythms and Jewish themes in musical form, this is the show for you.  If you’re a hater, stop frontin’ and open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences, whoadie.

Monday (3.23) @ 10pm on 94.7fm WGOT in Gainesville, FL

  1. C-Ray Walz and Kosha Dillz – The Evolution of Fan
  2. Matisyahu – Jerusalem
  3. Matisyahu – Smash Lies
  4. Y-Love – New Disease
  5. Idan Raichel – Boee (Diwon remix)
  6. Shtar – Modeh
  7. Kosha Dillz – Smile
  8. Nosson Zand – Basix
  9. Socalled – Ghettoblaster Theme
  10. Eprhyme – Punklezmerap
  11. Emunah – Essa Einai
  12. Beastie Boys – Shadrach
  13. Hip Hop Hoodios – Raza Hoodia
  14. Socalled – Pesach Zeit

If you are curious what we did during the break, here are some examples



Shir Bliss 03.23.2009


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